Free Food Handling Course

If you are in the food industry and are looking for a better way to ensure you are preparing, storing, and serving food products at the highest safety level, you may want to learn more about a free food handling course. In most states, there are requirements that at least one employee must take course and be certified. This does not stop you as owner or manager of any facility to require your employees to take a free food handling course.

There are different ways you can ensure all of your employees learn the way to safely handle food in order to ensure that food borne illnesses are not passed on to your customers. In many states, the health department offers the information you need to provide the free food handling course yourself or they also provide classes.





Modules of the free food handling Course

  • Module 1 – Hand Washing
  • Module 2 - Employee Illness
  • Module 3 - Food Handling Techniques
  • Module 4 - Utensil Washing
  • Module 5 – Personal Hygiene
  • Module 6 – Thermometers
  • Module 7 – Safe Cooking
  • Module 8 – Reheating
  • Module 9 – Hot and Cold Holding
  • Module 10 – Safe Cooling
  • Module 11 – Date Marking
  • Module 12 – Safe Handling of Raw Meat
  • Module 13 – Safe Storage of Raw Meat
  • Module 14 – Sanitizing Surfaces
  • Module 15 – Food Borne Illness

For those that wish to provide the free food handling course to their employees, the program is designed to ensure you have all the information you need to ensure your employees can learn safe food handling practices.

The free food handling course was created so managers, owners, and supervisors can conduct the courses in their establishments and can  create the best schedule so all employees can take the course.

Benefits of the Program

  • An online curriculum
  • The 15 modules mentioned above
  • The ability to take the course in short sessions such as one topic at a time
  • Comprehensive training for both experienced and new employees
  • Up to date Food Code
  • Free training sessions for managers
  • The program is available in both English and Spanish
  • The free food handling course is a public recognized program

Other options for a free food handling course

There are a wide array of videos and courses online designed to help individuals as well as those in the food industry learn how to prepare, store, and serve foods safely. The FDA website offers all kinds of information to protect the public against food borne illness and is a great place to start for those that only want the information to ensure they are doing their part to keep food safe.

If you choose to go the with a free food handling course, you will not receive a food handlers card or any type of certificate as proof of completing the course. In order to receive this type of recognition, you will need to take a course that charges a fee.


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